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  1. We are picking 10 of the customers who bought the Maunzi Robot Kit from a crowdfunding website to get their money back.
  2. Even if you don’t win the full money back event, you still have a chance of winning goods worth $50.


  1. We will notify the newsletter subscribers about the crowdfunding starting date via email.
  2. When the crowdfunding is successful, the winners will be announced on the next day. [Announced via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Maunzi Website]
  3. The winners will receive separate messages.


  1. You must purchase a Maunzi Robot at a crowdfunding website.
  2. Your name and email address must match the name and email address of the crowdfunding website.
  3. All events will proceed when the crowdfunding is successful! If it is failed, none of the events will proceed!

Help us reach the funding goal! We will do our best as well!

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Create any Robot you want with the multipurpose module assembly kit.

Using a combination of Lego building blocks, the Maunzi kit helps kids learn robotics and teaches them how to code.

Features include programming, mobile phone compatibility, remote control using Bluetooth communications, robot control using diverse sensors and smart pads, augmented reality and multiple educational games.

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Maunzi is

A robot that gets intelligent just by playing with it!


building block toy

MAUNZI use LEGO assembly method. (stud-and-tube coupling system) And fully compatible with LEGO. So you can use your old blocks with maunzi.


App-Controlled toy

remote control with your mobile(MAUNZI RC) AR(Augmented Reality) game, Ball shot game using Burning Cannon

maunzi RC(coming soon)

informative robot

Programming education using mobile apps, Coding training using scratch programs

maunzi LAB(coming soon)

smart robot

Serial bus interface (Individual module recognition)


eternally imagine

give life to your old blocks


maunzi can be anything

eternally think


maunzi can do anything